Condensing Make-up Air Units


Circulate and condition outside air while improving the efficiency of the heating and cooling system.
Condensing make-up air units provide high quality air while improving the efficiency of the heating and cooling system. They help prevent drafts, dust and dirt from entering a building. They also replace exhaust air and can reduce odours by supplying a continual flow of fresh, ventilated air.

Customer and Contractor Incentives:
Description Customer/Builder Incentive Service Provider Incentive
Constant speed $0.50/CFM $100
2 speed or VFD $1.00/CFM $100

Distributor Incentive:

$50 per unit

Equipment Eligibility:

  • Minimum $750 to maximum $14,000 per unit.
  • Incentive applies to gas-fired condensing units with air flow rate at least 1,500 CFM but less than or equal to 14,000 CFM with thermal efficiency ≥ 90 percent for equipment with constant speed, 2-speed or variable frequency drive (VFD).
  • Buildings with demand control ventilation (DCV) are not eligible. Air Handling Units (AHU) with return, reheat and cooling are also not eligible. Only condensing make-up air units installed in commercial, multi-residential or long-term care facilities are eligible for the incentive. Retail segment is not eligible for the incentive.

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Condensing Make-up Air Units
Business Sectors:
Business Partners
Colleges and Universities
Food Services
Long-Term Care
Multi-Unit Residential
Primary and Secondary Schools
Warehouse and Logistics