If you’re a contractor, engineering firm, distributor, manufacturer or wholesaler of energy efficient products or services that serves the needs of our customers, you could benefit from working with Enbridge Gas.

As an Enbridge Gas Business Partner, you can receive natural gas savings calculations and support completing incentive application forms to help customers offset the upfront cost of implementing energy efficient measures.

Benefits to Business Partners (Contractors, Distributors, Engineering Firms, Architectural Firms and Consultants)

  • Validation of energy savings claims – Enbridge will provide free energy savings estimates on thermal efficiency projects to help you close the deal.
  • Increase your earnings – Energy efficiency products are typically more expensive, so you can make more money by helping your customers save it.
  • Funding for Projects – Customers can qualify to receive financial incentives to cover up to 50% of the project cost up to $100,000/project through Enbridge.
  • Business Partner Incentives – Business Partners can earn financial incentives for working with Enbridge to encourage the adoption of energy efficient projects.
  • It’s Easy – A dedicated Enbridge Energy Solutions Consultant will work with you to ensure your customers receive the financial incentives they deserve.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Repeat Business – Build trusting, long-term relationships with customers by helping them qualify for financial incentives to reduce the payback period of their investment.

Contact Joe Meriano at 416-882-2639 or joseph.meriano@enbridge.com to learn more about our efficiency programs and the incentives that could benefit you and your customers.

Customer rebates and Business Partner incentives

From air doors, destratification fans and infrared heaters, to make-up air units, energy efficient boilers and ENERGY STAR® certified equipment, Enbridge Gas offers a variety of prescribed customer rebates and Business Partner incentives for installing energy efficient equipment.
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Limited time increased distributor incentive offer extended

From now until December 31, 2018, distributors will receive $50 per qualified efficiency unit implemented to a maximum of $500 per project.
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Do you specialize in helping customers find operational improvements to save energy and money?

Through our RunitRIght program, Enbridge Gas funds operational improvement audits conducted by third party vendors. Take advantage of the limited time campaign and earn double the reward!
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Apply for customer rebates and Business Partner incentives

Applying for incentives has never been easier.
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