How do I get my incentives?

Important Dates to be aware of:

Homeowners who heat their home using propane, oil, wood or electricity must have completed their initial assessment by October 31, 2018 and have until February 28, 2019 to complete their final assessment in order to qualify for their incentive.  No exceptions will be granted.

Homeowners applying for the IESO electrical incentives, whether natural gas customers or not, MUST have completed the initial assessment by October 31, 2018 and have until February 28, 2019 to complete their final assessment in order to qualify for electrical incentives. No exceptions will be granted.

Follow these 4 steps to get your incentive

1) Before starting any renovations, please click here to pre-qualify for the Program and book your pre-assessment with one of our Registered Energy Advisors (REA)

A Registered Energy Advisor is an independent third party who will advise you on upgrades and help you make sure you meet the qualifications for the program.

2) Have your Register Energy advisor complete a pre-energy assessment

The energy advisor will conduct a basement-to-attic assessment of your home’s current energy use and generate a customized report to explain which upgrades can improve your home’s energy efficiency. The pre-energy assessment takes about two to three hours. When you successfully complete the program, you’ll be reimbursed $550 for the cost of the pre and post assessment as part of your incentive cheque.

3) Complete at least TWO of the eligible home energy upgrades and achieve a minimum of 10% natural gas savings

We recommend you get at least three quotes before selecting a reputable contractor for renovations. Have a Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) registered contractor perform any equipment installations.

4) Contact your Registered Energy Advisor to complete your post-energy assessment

Your second assessment will take about one to two hours and must be completed within 120 days of your first assessment. This assessment will show you exactly how much difference your energy efficiency upgrades made. Your advisor will collect and submit all the necessary paperwork to Enbridge Gas. You will get your incentive cheque within 8-10 weeks.


To qualify for the Home Energy Conservation (HEC) program:

  1. The homeowner agrees he/she will not participate in any other gas or building envelope program(s) offered by parties outside of Enbridge Gas Inc., between the Initial Assessment and the Final Assessment.
  2. The homeowner confirms he/she has not applied for, nor will apply in the future for, rebates/ incentives from other energy efficiency/conservation programs (including GreenON) for the same qualifying energy efficiency improvements for which the homeowner is eligible to receive incentives through the HEC Program.

Enbridge Incentive:

Enbridge Incentive Promo

Get up to $5,000 back by installing two or more eligible measures and achieve a 10% minimum natural gas savings.

Note: there is a charge for your pre and post energy assessment, however, you will receive a $550 reimbursement for the assessment costs upon successful completion of the program.


  • Heating system* (furnace or boiler): $750 rebate
    • Furnace: replace with a less than 95% efficiency with a 95% AFUE or higher natural gas furnace
    • Boiler:  replace with a less than 90% efficiency with a 90% AFUE or higher ENERGYSTAR® condensing gas boiler
  • Upgraded Insulation:
    Up to $1,000 for Basement
    Up to $1,500 for Exterior Wall
    Up to $500 for Attic
  • Water heater: $200 rebate
  • Window/Door/Skylight: $40 per
  • Air Sealing: Up to $150

* Combo system: Domestic water heater (usually with air handler - fan) that generates hot water and space heating (includes EF rating)

  • Replacing heating system and water heater with Combo system qualifies for water heater rebate only
  • Replacing existing Combo system with furnace/boiler and water heater qualifies for water heater rebate only
  • Replacing the air handler with a furnace without replacing the water heater does not qualify for a rebate

Additional Bonus Incentives: available for deeper energy savings as part of the maximum $5,000 Enbridge Gas Incentives.

  • Install 3 upgrades - customer will receive additional $250
  • Install 4 upgrades - customer will receive additional $500
  • Install 5 upgrades - customer will receive additional $750