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Reach out to one of our Registered Energy Advisors today. Please provide us with your contact information to allow us to pre-qualify you over the phone for incentives up to $5,000.

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74 Six Point Rd. Toronto, ON

1 (855) 300-3106


366 Rideau Street Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) K1N 5Y8

1-877-580-2582 x 2

Pro Home & Building Inspections

20 Wertheim Court, Suite 23 Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 3A8


Home Inspectors Group

400 Esna Park Drive, Unit 2 Markham Ontario L3R 3K2



53 Andrew Street South, Orillia, Ontario L3V 5J2


Know Your Home Inspections Inc

1013 Pinoak Lane Minden, ON K0M 2L1


Environment Network


Homesol Building Solutions

53 Herriott Street Code’s Mill, Suite 202-B Perth, Ontario K7H 1T5


Energuy Canada Ltd.

137 Nelson Street Brantford, ON N3S-4B5


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How Do I Get Started?

To get started, call one of our Registered Energy Advisors or complete our online application to pre-qualify you for your first energy audit. This assessment of your home’s current energy use is a quick, easy process. It will reveal areas where you can make improvements (called retrofits) to lower your energy bills and increase home comfort.
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Find a contractor

Need help finding a contractor?

Once you’ve completed your first pre-energy audit, and you’re ready to start your 2 recommended home energy upgrades, you can choose your own verified contractor.
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Gas Incentive

How Do I Get My Incentives?

Your incentives will be paid by way of a cheque once you’ve successfully completed your home energy upgrades and final energy audit.
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Qualifying upgrades

What are the qualifying home energy upgrades?

To be eligible for up to $5,000 back from Enbridge, you must complete at least 2 of the available upgrades to your home. Plus, for a limited time, receive additional electric incentives. Your Registered Energy Advisor will also do an electric assessment to help you find additional ways to save energy and earn even greater incentives. Click the button to see all of the available upgrades.
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Have questions about the home energy conservation program?

Read our comprehensive list of frequently asked questions.

The participant form signed in the home during the pre-audit will outline the eligible incentive available to the homeowner. If you intend to start renovations or demolition of your home, please ensure that you have your initial home energy audit completed. An energy audit cannot be performed on a home during renovations or demolition. *If you entered the program because your furnace had to be replaced due to a no heat circumstance, this will be considered an exception. The homeowner has three (3) days to contact the Energy Advisor and the audit can be done within 3 weeks, and this exception can only be made between October 15th and March 31st. Please ensure you have spoken to a Service Organization prior to installing your equipment as there are particular requirements required for no-heat circumstances.  Households converting from electric heating to natural gas, propane or oil would not qualify for the Home Energy Conservation Program. Electrically heated homes can still participate in the Home Energy Conservation Program by taking advantage of other eligible measures such as Insulation, Air Sealing, Window Replacements and Air Source Heat Pumps.  **To achieve the base target for air sealing, the homeowner must consult with their Certified Energy Advisor. To understand more about your base target and the incentive you could receive, please review your Energy Efficiency Evaluation report provided to you after completion of your initial home energy audit. ***. Only one enrollment for incentive per household is permitted. Program may be subject to change or cancellation without notice at any time. Enbridge makes no representation, warranty or guarantee regarding the projected savings of any efficiency measures or performance of installed equipment. Upon receiving your final home energy audit information from your Service Organization, Enbridge will facilitate payment within 6-12 weeks. As a reminder, it can take up to 40 days after your final home energy audit for Enbridge to receive your application from the Service Organization. Maximum of 120 days between the first and second assessment allowed. If there are circumstances that don’t allow you to complete your first and second assessment within 120 days, your advisor can request an extension which will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Program expires Dec. 31, 2018. You need to have your first energy assessment completed by Dec. 31, 2018 to be eligible for any incentives related to the 2018 offer. For the additional electrical incentives you have until June 31st, 2018 to complete your pre-audit and until October 31st,2018 to complete your final post-audit to take advantage of the additional incentives. Incentives are available on first come, first served basis. Incentive payment is subject to availability of funds. Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. reserves the right to revise program without advance notice including incentive amounts and eligibility. Homeowner is responsible for ensuring incentive eligibility, choosing eligible certified energy advisors, keeping invoices and meeting criteria and deadlines. © Copyright 2013-2018 Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. All rights reserved.