Whether you operate a multiplex apartment building or high-rise condominium, attracting desirable residents and maintaining good occupancy rates are critical to increasing property value. But keeping up with residents comfort and lifestyle demands can be both costly and challenging. The energy consumption and costs can be high.

Enbridge Gas offers free services and financial incentives to help keep your building running optimally, and provide you with cost savings.

Street view of a red brick apartment building

Affordable Multi-Family Housing Program

Get up to $200,000 in incentives to make your multi-family building(s) more efficient. This program is for both non-profit housing providers (including social, municipal, co-ops, shelters, and rent-geared-to-income buildings,) and market rate buildings where tenants pay less than the local average rent.
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Two people reviewing architectural plans

Savings by Design | New Construction

Get free technical advice from sustainable design experts and receive up to $120,000 in incentives to build affordable housing that saves energy, reduces environmental impact and improves comfort for residents.
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Home Winterproofing Program | Landlords

If your single -family tenants are income-eligible, their units may qualify for free insulation, draft proofing and a smart thermostat to help reduce heating and cooling costs. All upgrades are free and installed at no cost to you.
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