Globalization has significantly changed the Canadian manufacturing landscape. Cutting unnecessary costs is crucial to remaining competitive. Energy is a cost that can be measured and controlled like any other manufacturing input.

Enbridge Gas provides complimentary technical services and financial incentives to help you better understand your energy requirements so you can operate more efficiently and cost effectively without compromising plant productivity, performance or safety.

Double rewards

Limited Time, Double Incentive offer + Customer Appreciation Prize

We are doubling our incentives on all heat recovery energy efficiency implementations to cover up to 75% of the project cost and a chance to win either an Apple iPad or a $200 KEG gift card.
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Looking to reduce costs or improve operations?

A dedicated Enbridge Energy Solutions Consultant (ESC) will work with you, free of charge, to develop a solution that meets your unique energy, budget and cost savings objectives. You can also qualify for a range of financial incentives for assessing, quantifying and implementing energy efficiency projects.
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Plans to renovate or replace any gas fired equipment?

Your Energy Solutions Consultant can help you identify energy efficient options that meet your needs, and if you implement any of our recommendations you could qualify for financial incentives to cover up to 50% of the cost. Contact your Energy Solutions Consultant today for more information.
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Is energy management a priority?

To properly manage energy, you must first understand exactly how you are using it. A good place to start is by enrolling in our Comprehensive Energy Management program.
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Energy Efficiency Resources

Stay up to date about energy efficient technologies and industry best practices by frequenting our Energy Efficiency Resource Centre where you will find savings calculators, technical workshop videos, quarterly newsletters and more.
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