Your greenhouse provides an environment conducive to plant growth year-round. With Ontario’s seasonal weather variations, It’s no wonder energy is one of the largest overhead costs in the production of greenhouse crops. Heating in particular accounts for 65 to 85 percent of energy consumed.

Enbridge can help you use less energy and save money! Our greenhouse program provides free services and financial incentives for the assessment and implementation of energy efficiency initiatives. Some examples of strategies and technologies that have helped our customers in the past include:

  • Controls to better manage greenhouse temperature and humidity levels
  • Insulation and other measures to reduce air leaks
  • Air curtains and retractable curtains to keep sunlight and inside treated air in and outside air out
  • Infrared heaters for direct controlled heating
  • Maintenance of heating equipment to optimize overall performance and longevity of equipment
  • Destratification and/or horizontal air flow fans to maximize efficiency and circulation of treated air and humidity
  • Measures to improve efficiency of ventilation systems and minimize loss of treated air
  • Replacement of outdated energy efficiency measures

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Growing is Energy Intensive

Our greenhouse efficiency expert will work with you, free of charge, to help identify and implement energy saving initiatives, lower your operating costs and improve your environmental footprint. You can also qualify for financial incentives for implementing the efficiency measures recommended.
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Energy Efficiency Resources

Stay up to date about energy efficient technologies and industry best practices by frequenting our Energy Efficiency Resource Centre where you will find savings calculators, technical workshop videos, quarterly newsletters and more.
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