Ozone Laundry System


An ozone laundry system can reduce your laundry hot water consumption needs by 85%, cut your water usage by 30% and lower chemical requirements by 10%.
An ozone laundry system is a piece of equipment that is added on to your existing commercial washing machine(s). The system generates ozone (O3), a naturally occurring molecule, which helps clean fabrics by chemically reacting with soils in the water. The system uses cold water, and therefore reduces the amount of natural gas needed to heat water. An ozone system also reduces the total amount of water consumed.

The advantages of an ozone laundry system add up:

  • Reduce hot water consumption by up to 85%
  • Reduce water use by up to 30%
  • Reduce chemical use by 10%
  • Reduce associated water, energy and chemical costs
  • Reduce wear and tear on textiles
  • Effective against bacteria, viruses and microorganisms

Customer and Contractor Incentives

Based on weight of laundry processed annually:

Description Customer Incentive Contractor Incentive
Commercial Laundry Washing $0.04 /lb
Max of $15,000 per system

Service Provider Incentive:

$100 per unit

Distributor Incentive:

$50 per unit

Equipment Eligibility:

  • Only commercial laundry equipment using water heated by natural gas equipment is eligible.
  • Washers dedicated to cleaning heavily soiled laundry are not eligible for this offer.
  • Multi-residential buildings must have commercial extraction or tunnel washers.
  • Maximum incentive amount of 50% of total project cost or $15,000 per ozone system, not per washer. Incentive is based on annual pounds of laundry as calculated by the ozone laundry vendor for system installed.
  • Delivery and agreement fees are not eligible.
  • In-suite units are not eligible.
  • Rental ozone laundry systems are eligible, but a 10-year minimum rental agreement is required.
  • Leased units whereas the lease term is shorter than 10 years are not eligible, and incentive is not applicable.

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Ozone Laundry System
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