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Motor Specialty Manufacturing Limited

Today’s global competition and tough economic climate has put increased pressure on manufacturers to operate more quickly, and cost effectively than ever before. Magna, a leading global automotive supplier with 335 manufacturing operations in 28 countries, overcomes these challenges by remaining focused on delivering superior value to customers through innovative processes and world class manufacturing.

3M Achieves Best In Class Energy Management — With Assistance From Enbridge

3M received support from Enbridge, Natural Resources Canada and Hydro One for ISO 50001 implementation and certification. They also benefited from the consulting services of Energy Performance Services (EPS) Canada Inc.

Enbridge Provides Energy Incentives for Automatic Coating

In 2013, Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. partnered with Ryerson University to offer a free energy audit program to small industrial customers.

Energy Efficient Technologies Serve up Menu of Benefits – Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza franchisee Rob Phillips used this Niagara Falls location to test three new energy efficient technologies – a Melink demand control kitchen ventilation system; Enershield air door; and low volume, high intensity kitchen spray valve. The impressive results – in energy cost savings, comfort, and green performance – convinced him to repeat the success at other franchise locations. Enbridge Gas Distribution helped Rob every step of the way with incentives and other assistance.

Goes from Good to Great in Energy Performance - Cadillac Fairview's Simcoe Place

One of Canada’s largest owners and managers of commercial real estate, Cadillac Fairview enjoys a reputation as an industry leader in green initiatives. Far from resting on their laurels, the company is constantly looking for innovative ways to drive further improvements in building performance and reduce environmental impacts. That’s why they enthusiastically signed on to The Race to Reduce. Spearheaded by Greening Greater Toronto and partners like Enbridge Gas Distribution, the Race commits participating landlords and tenants of office buildings in the Toronto region to reduce energy use 10% by 2014.

Campbell Company of Canada Saves Big with Pipe Insulation

From packaging design and local procurement practices, to energy, water and waste conservation, environmental stewardship plays a critical role in the way Campbell Company of Canada (Campbell) operates.

Boiler System Increases Availability of Hot Water in CAP REIT Index Apartment Buildings While Saving Energy

As part of their due diligence process, when CAP REIT purchased 5 new properties, they determined that the large tenant population was putting excessive demands on the domestic hot water system. Under the previous owners, this had resulted in frequent breakdowns of the equipment and numerous complaints such as insufficient water during peak times and low water temperature.

Chesswood Arena Scores with Gas-Fired Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Chesswood arena is a four-rink facility in North York operating all year-round. Summer ice time sells just as well as in winter, so it is important to maintain consistent indoor conditions despite warm, humid outdoor weather. The arena’s owners, Buckingham Sports Properties, operate a similar facility in Etobicoke. Both arenas are nearly three decades old and need refurbishing to keep them in good operating condition. With many competing demands on the capital budget, solutions have to demonstrate cost-effectiveness.

Improved Energy Efficiency Gives Canadian Manufacturers A Competitive Edge

In today’s tough economic climate, it’s getting more and more difficult for Canadian manufacturers to remain competitive. The increased value of the Canadian dollar, which is near par with the United States—our largest export market—makes it more costly to produce goods, and therefore diminishes profit margins. As well, manufacturing continues to grow at a rapid pace in foreign countries where labour is less costly and more readily available than in Canada

Futuristic Arenas Retrofitted with Desiccant Dehumidification - For Erie Leisureplex

Fort Erie’s Leisureplex, completed in 1996, was designed as a futuristic, multi-purpose facility. Its two arenas (Olympic 200’ X 100’ and near NHL 180’ X 85’) operate year-round, providing ice time for tournaments, hockey schools, training camps, figure skating competitions and other events. But only eight years after opening, the facility was deteriorating from moisture damage.

New Cold Water Resurfacing Technology is a Game Changer - George Bell Arena

George Bell Arena in Toronto’s west end is a City of Toronto facility that provides quality ice all year round for amateur hockey games. The arena’s non-profit board has a mandate to keep costs down to ensure affordability for its user groups. With ice arenas one of the biggest contributors to the city’s energy use, board and staff also have a laser focus on reducing environmental impacts.

A One of a Kind Clean Burning Technologies Produce Tremendous Savings Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls

A first-class, full service family destination, the Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls opened in April 2006. Uniquely designed to capture the atmosphere of the northwoods, this resort offers 406 suites in a variety of configurations.

Humber River Hospital - Saving Energy Saves Capital

Like many of Ontario’s hospitals, Humber River Regional is a multisite facility with a mix of aging buildings. The 582-bed hospital was created as a merger of three different facilities in the northwest corner of the GTA. It covers a total area of 950,000 square feet and employs 2,700 staff. The hospital’s mission is to provide first-class acute care health services to a community that has grown from 525,000 to more than 800,000 residents.

Big Fans Deliver Big Bonus for Hunter Douglas Canada

Hunter Douglas Canada installed large diameter downdraught fans to cool their Brampton plant in summer. They were pleasantly surprised when an Enbridge sponsored field test showed how these High Volume Low Speed fans also could reduce their winter heating bills.

Enbridge Gas Distribution and KI Work to Achieve Sustainable Furniture Design Operations

By participating in Enbridge’s programs, KI reduced their natural gas consumption by an estimated 147,000m3 annually, and qualified for over $20,000 in financial incentives.

Enbridge Helps Magna’s Plastcoat Division Achieve Energy Efficiency

Over an 18 month time period, Enbridge worked with Plastcoat to find opportunities to improve their overall energy efficiency.

Novitherm Heat Reflector Panels Saves 28% in Heating Costs for Apartment Index Building - Metro Toronto Housing Company

Primary and secondary heating loops reduced 15°F. PComfort levels were improved within the building. 28% reduction in heating costs 1998/99 vs. 2000/01*. Over 121,000 m3 saved – $14,560 at 1999 prices; $38,828 in 2001*.

Cinesphere Saves with State-of-the-Art Natural Gas Technology

Ontario Place’s choice of high efficiency natural gas boilers and state-of-the art Energy Management System for Cinesphere have helped it retain its environmental leadership and will cut energy bills by approximately $23,000 annually. This energy efficient retrofit qualified the facility for an incentive grant from Enbridge Gas Distribution.

Energy Savings Give The Ottawa Hospital A Reason to Celebrate

A giant celebration in August 2005 marked the end of the construction phase for The Ottawa Hospital's (TOH) ambitious energy efficiency retrofit. One of the largest healthcare organizations in Canada, TOH operates across three campuses and multiple functions – patient care, teaching and research. Its vision is to become a nationally recognized academic health sciences centre.

Packaging Technologies Inc. Energy Efficiency Project Achieves High Savings

To help identify and assess PTI’s steam system, and how gas is used in the facility, Enbridge and PTI used a third party consultant combined with the installation of an insertion gas meter to monitor boiler gas usage. Enbridge helped to fund half of the cost for the assessments and these reports identified two initiatives that were aimed at making PTI’s operations more efficient.

Peel Condominium Corporation Energy Retrofit Saves 19% in Natural Gas Use

EPC Energy Group Ltd., a member of Enbridge Gas Distribution’s Team Energy, conducted a comprehensive energy audit for the condominium. They concluded that significant savings could be realized, largely through equipment changes.

Rogers Centre: Precision Boiler Controls — A Win for Energy and Environmental Savings

The Rogers Centre has achieved iconic status as home to the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club.™ It also plays host to a variety of high profile events throughout the year from rock concerts to motocross races. With 1.4 million square feet of space the Rogers Centre functions like a mini city housing a hotel, offices, restaurants and retail outlets in addition to the sports arena. This outsized presence has made the Rogers Centre one of Toronto’s largest energy consumers.

Multiplying Retrofit Savings with Technology Synergies - École Élémentaire Catholique Saint-Jean-Baptiste

The Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud (CSDCCS), has 55 schools including 45 elementary. Like other Ontario school boards, CSDCCS faces higher energy costs as building systems age. As a conservation strategy the board benchmarks natural gas and electricity use across all its schools. This information is used to track problems and prioritize facilities for energy retrofits.

Energy Retrofit Enhances Building Value at Great Location – Standard Life

At their Yonge & Sheppard building, Standard Life managers opted for high efficiency boilers and automated controls – improving operations and reducing natural gas costs by over $125,000/yr.

“Green Advantage” Turns Older Buildings Into Star Performers - Starlight Investments Ltd

Starlight is a dynamic real estate ownership and asset management company with a goal of becoming one of the environmental leaders in the multi-family rental industry. In 2013, only two years after its formation, the company received the annual Environmental Excellence Award from the Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO).

Energy Teamwork Saves Money for Patient Care - Toronto Western Hospital

The Toronto Western Hospital (TWH) has come a long way from its early years in a large tent. Part of the University Health Network (UHN), the downtown facility has provided community health care and specialized services for over one hundred years. The site has been substantially redeveloped in recent years with some older parts torn down and a modern Atrium structure added. The heating plant was also upgraded in 1999.

Leveraging Occupancy Data to Reduce Building Energy Costs - University of Toronto Robarts Library

In 2011, the University of Toronto started examining the efficiency of the heating, cooling and ventilation systems at two of its older facilities, Robarts Library, a multi-floor building of over 1 million square feet and the Ontario Institute for Studies and Education (OISE), a 450,000 square foot facility. In both properties, the existing air handling units were running 24 hours a day helping contribute to a total energy bill of close to $2.5 million at Robarts and $1 million at OISE.

Zochem Partners With Enbridge to Realize Gas Savings

With the help of George Hantzis, an Energy Solutions Consultant within the Industrial team, Zochem’s Quality Manager quantified potential improvements that would yield the highest level of savings. The solution was multi-faceted and it included relining furnace insulation, rebuilding arches and increasing the heat transfer efficiency of the furnace as a whole.
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